Oldham Grocers

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Oldham Grocers at Anchor Mill was established a year ago by listening to local people who experienced the social stigma associated with using food banks. Our membership scheme with a small fee, means that the Grocer provides affordable food to about 50 people a week and their households, as well as training to equip some with key life skills to help run the Grocer and/or access job opportunities. Within this first year of operating it has become evident that the Grocer is a much needed food and community hub, and there is potential to expand this provision further.

Funding will provide:

  • More stock (food) - buying fresh food/healthy essentials in and selling it at a markup including sourcing from local growers
  • More people to deliver training e.g. about  low cost cooking, business startup and ESOL skills
  • More space and resources to deliver food-related training activities for families due to growing demand for them
  • The ability to generate more revenue through increased membership and training opportunities
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