Paddock Food

Prize Amount £


Overall aim

Paddock Food, informed by 8 years of business experience by Cornerhouse Cakes, will set up a community food cafe/kitchen to serve (on a pay what you can afford basis), older people and school kids healthy food throughout the week.


  • The local area has an ageing population where older people in our communities often experience loneliness
  • Children are going to school hungry. With the cost of living crisis and lots of businesses closing, families can’t afford food.

Funding to be spent on the following solutions/impacts

  • Purchasing low cost inputs and investing in job opportunities for the cafe 
  • Providing up to 50 hot meals a day (affordable lunchtime meals for the elderly and afterschool snacks for children)
  • Unused ingredients from restaurants will be turned in to healthy meals which also reduces food waste
  • We will work with other local suppliers in the food chain to source our products locally, and even at cost price or donated to make our product affordable and more sustainable
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