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Wildbrook Community Food and Growing Hub

Revitalising a neglected community allotment, an oasis of wildlife and nature at the heart of Fitton Hill to improve access for all to affordable, healthy and nutritious food.

Overall aims

Wildbrook Community Food and Growing Hub will aim to improve accessibility for communities in Fitton Hill and Oldham South to affordable, healthy and nutritious food. This long term initiative will revitalise and harness an abandoned community growing space to develop local food and growing projects initially as a Community Vegbag and Market Stall, and the home of WRF Composting.


  • Fitton Hill is a deprived neighbourhood classified as a ‘food desert’
  • The majority of Fitton Hill and the area of Oldham South within 2 miles of the allotment are amongst the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in England.


  • We aim to regenerate this extensive growing site and bring it back into veg and fruit production for the 2023 growing season
  • Local community engagement (with residents, schools, GP practices), will be integral to our work
  • We will supply a local affordable Community Vegbag scheme (modelled on the 2022 Oldham Council Affordable Vegbox pilot) and an on site Market Stall  We will provide on site food growing sessions to develop further capacity to grow food for our veg bag scheme
  • More local people will get access to affordable healthy food and/or learn how to grow their own
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