Just Don’t Call it Conflict Resolution

Are conflicts suppressed in your organisation or co-op? Do you feel anxious about dealing with conflicts? Then this webinar is for you! Come along and share your fears and ideas while finding  out how working together we will always have different opinions and experiences - and how to approach these as a resource rather than a problem.

Join this webinar to explore constructive and practical approaches to dealing with conflict. In my experience, some conflict is to be expected in groups of people with different backgrounds, ideas and experience, and should not be feared but rather welcomed as evidence of the wealth of experience, ideas and knowledge in the team. There are a variety of tools and techniques, - for example ‘Getting to Yes’ influential book by Ury & Fisher, Sociocracy approaches, Retrospectives,  – for dealing with it, and this webinar will explore some of these approaches.

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  • An introduction: Thinking about conflict along a continuum from “Run away!” to Confrontation
  • An exploration: What is more important to you: your relationship with the other party or achieving your goals?
  • A review: ‘Getting to Yes’ on negotiation techniques based on principle, not power
  • A practice: Have a go at running a ‘Retrospective’
  • Increased awareness of a range of different responses to conflict situations
  • Some knowledge of the pros and cons of different conflict resolution styles
  • A brief review of ‘Getting to Yes’ by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury on Techniques of Principled Negotiation
  • Experience of the different steps involved in using a Retrospective technique to resolve team conflicts

This workshop will be useful for anyone working in a team and/or collectively who wishes to improve their understanding of why conflicts erupt and what to do about it.

Kate Whittle has been working in and with co-ops of all kinds for over 30 years, both here and overseas. She is the author of ‘from conflict to co-operation’ a series of illustrated booklets addressing how to deal with those inevitable conflicts and how to avoid unnecessary ones. Kate has worked with some of the UK’s largest worker co-ops, including Infinity, Delta-T, Essential Trading, and Unicorn Co-operative Grocery. She is also a member of The Bristol Cable and Bristol Credit Union.

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