Setting up a Community Food Co-op

Cooperation Town is a new network of community food co-ops, organising on streets and estates across the country. We support the creation of small buying groups, providing their members with free and affordable groceries, sourced in bulk and distributed at a very low price. 

The co-ops are owned by their members and run according to local needs. Members decide collectively on how to organise and are responsible for the day to day running of the co-op. While each Cooperation Town co-op is independent, the network is designed to share resources and support across the movement.

Anyone can start a Cooperation Town food co-op on their street or estate! In this workshop we will share the basic principles and processes and help attendees take steps to start organising in their community.

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  • What is a community food co-op?
  • Where does the food come from and how do we get hold of it?
  • Community organising: where to start, who to speak to and what to look for?
  • Organising in your food co-op. Who does what?
  • The lifecycle of a community food co-op
  • Next steps and what support is available

  • The confidence to start organising in your community 
  • A step-by-step guide to starting a community food co-op
  • Tips and resources to help you along your organising journey

  • Anyone wanting to find ways to reduce households costs, while learning organising skills and working in collaboration with others
  • No previous experience around food distribution or community organising required
  • Also useful for people already working in their community, in personal or professional capacity, who wants to help others gain the skill and confidence

Shaunna, Shiri, and Katie are co-operative development workers with Cooperation Town, supporting local groups to self-organise around food distribution.

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