Using Stories to Create Change

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into a campaign for social change.. For it to be effective, your story must be authentic, inspirational, and drive your audience to take action. 

In this workshop you’ll learn what makes a good campaign story, exploring examples of engaging stories that have persuaded, influenced, and driven people to take action. You’ll get access to a framework and top tips, and you’ll get the chance to craft your own story, and practice sharing it. 

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  • Learn how you can use storytelling in campaigning to cut through the noise
  • A chance to practice structuring and telling your story in an effective way
  • A chance to practice setting boundaries in telling your own stories - or help others you work with set their own boundaries
  • An understanding of why storytelling is an important tool in campaigning and social change
  • Tools, framework and examples of compelling campaign stories to learn from and use
  • The confidence to tell your story 
  • A chance to practice telling your story and got feedback on it
  • People who’ve just started out in campaigning, organising or social change projects who want to learn storytelling skills
  • People who use aspects of their lived experience to make social change
  • Grassroots campaigners, community organisers, trade unionists, professional campaigners who’ve just started their career, and more…

Sophie Yates Lu is an activist based in Ramsgate, East Kent, who’s been involved in grassroots organising for 10 years. As a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, she uses her story to campaign, and is passionate about working with LGBTQ+ and POC survivors to support them to use storytelling in campaigning. Sophie has also worked with a range of non-profit organisations including Campaign Bootcamp, Women’s Aid, 38 Degrees, Positive Money, Esmee Fairbairn, On Road Media, and more.

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