Building Spaces for Community Inclusion

How can we create community spaces that are relevant to local economic development? What is needed for these spaces to effectively support communities and be part of a movement for social change instead of gentrification?

Drawing on many of the most successful examples of community organising, this workshop offers practical steps to build bridges between entrepreneurship and development, and offers tools for the building of inclusive and meaningful communities.

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  • Community Management vs Community Organising: Understanding the difference.
  • Becoming part of a local business ecosystem: New approaches to partnership-building.
  • Creating a culture of mutual aid.
  • Basic principles of community organising.
  • A neighbourhood map of local organisations.
  • Strategies for targeted outreach and culture setting.
  • Strategies for building peer-to-peer business support.
  • Social business coaches and consultants.
  • Facilitators and organisers.
  • Founders and members of co-working spaces.

Stephanie Gamauf is a Community Organiser based in Brixton. Her background is in international development and participatory democracy. In the past she has been involved in community capacity building projects with NGOs and UN programmes in Mexico and Kenya.

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