Community Wealth Building: Building An Economy For All

While the UK’s local authorities are still managing an austerity programme that has led to devastating social spending cuts, and others are trying to attract inward investment into their regions, this workshop will look at the alternatives. 

This session will explore the practice of Community Wealth Building, a key element in building a fairer and a more socially just economy. Recent policy and media interest in this concept has arisen from Centre for Local Economic Strategies’ recent work in Preston. This workshop will also detail this model and showcase other current and past work spanning 12 years in a range of localities including Barcelona, Manchester, Birmingham, and Islington.

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  • The need for community wealth building strategies.
  • Key underpinning economic and social concepts.
  • Four key aspects to Community Wealth Building.
  • Case studies and how to do it.
  • An understanding of key concepts which inform Community Wealth Building.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles and practice.
  • Basics to applying the ideas and practice of Community Wealth Building.
  • People working in public services.
  • Community activists and workers.
  • People working in policy, think tanks, NGOs.

Neil McInroy is CEO of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), the UK’s and Europe’s leading independent think and do tank, realising progressive economics for people and place. CLES’s aim is to achieve social justice, good local economies and effective public services for everyone, everywhere.

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