Media Training: Becoming a Spokesperson

15 April, 14:00 – 16:30

Are you interested in becoming a spokesperson on broadcast media? Interested in how to prepare yourself to ace a media interview?

For many of us working in social change there is a constant battle to get good media coverage for our organisations. Often we work alone or in small teams – and there’s no training out there specifically aimed at helping progressives improve their impact.

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  • Key messages and why they are important.
  • Preparing for an interview using just the back of an envelope.
  • Basic interview technique of ‘Acknowledge, bridge and communicate (ABC)’.
  • Thinking about who is the ‘typical listener/viewer’.
  • Sense of what you need to do to prepare yourself for an interview.
  • How to prepare key messages.
  • The single, most useful basic interview technique.
  • An understanding of how interview formats work.

People who are thinking about appearing in the media, or who would like to refresh and refine their media experience.

Kevin Smith runs the New Economy Spokesperson Network, and has over 12 years of press and media experience for NGOs, social movements and grassroots groups. Formally the communications manager at Global Justice Now he has a focus on trade, climate and oil campaigns, and has developed countless campaign activities into national stories and front pages. He has carried out media trainings from the local to the international level.

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