Our Power: Decolonising Economics

It’s not a coincidence that under neoliberal capitalism, racial inequality exists. Race is a social construct, and one that was used to further the colonial project, in pursuit of ever growing economic wealth and power. It is essential to identify strategies that dismantle the system of white supremacy in the pursuit of a just transition.

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  • A context of racial injustice in Europe.
  • The history of European colonial expansion fuelling capitalism.
  • Connecting modern day financial instruments with colonialism.
  • Centring racial justice in our vision for economic and political systems change.

  • An analysis of racial inequality and its connection to the economy.
  • An ability to articulate racism in the context of colonialism and capitalism.
  • A commitment to centring racial justice in systems change thinking and practice.
  • A plan to decolonise local, national or European projects.

Anyone who is practising a new economy project and wants to deepen their understanding of economic history, and develop innovative strategies building a just transition.

Guppi Bola is an organiser, trainer, researcher and writer. She has a passion for supporting groups through meaningful, transformative social change. She does this by coaching diverse groups of leaders, building power within movements, and designing transformational organisational strategies.

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