Using AI to Democratise the Economy - Webinar

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Jul 27, 2023

The conversation about AI has been dominated by corporate hype and prophecies of existential doom. It’s time to consider the opportunities that the rise of this technology might present for efforts to tackle social inequalities, and rebalance economies.

In this webinar we’ll hear from speakers from the Institute for the Future of Work, the Ada Lovelace Institute, and Stir to Action’s new Centre for Democratic Business, considering topics including:

Wednesday 2 August 2023 18:00 BST


A recording of the event will be made available to ticket holders.

The speakers are Dr Abigail Gilbert (Director of Praxis, Institute for the Future of Work), Matt Davies (UK Public Policy Lead, Ada Lovelace Institute), and Daniel Stanley (Centre for Democratic Business & Future Narratives Lab).

Find out more and book your tickets here.

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