ABCs Festival Issue

Issue 46, Summer 2024

The latest issue of STIR is out now, with articles and interviews on the rise of populism and decline in civil society; a closer look at Labour’s local energy proposals; unlocking community spaces through 'meanwhile use', and much more!

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How public-common partnerships can unlock community energy democracy — Nick Pearce

The Populist Moment — Jonny Gordon-Farleigh interviews Anton Jäger

Swinging for the Fences: Obran’s Ambition to be the Largest Co-operative in the World — Jay Standish

People and Place: supporting community innovation — Naomi Rubbra and Ellie Davies, Footwork 

Harvesting the lessons from ‘Meanwhile in Oxfordshire…’ — Hannah Pye and Andy Edwards, Makespace

Excerpt: If We Burn (Headline Publishing Group) — Vincent Bevins

Power up: Building the community energy movement — Marianne Brown

Review: Peter Mair’s Ruling the Void — Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

Excerpt: The Value of a Whale (Manchester University Press) — Adrienne Buller 

Building societies on the brink of becoming banks, rather than remaining as safe as houses? — Mikael Armstrong on behalf of the Campaign to Give Nationwide Members a Say on the Purchase of Virgin Money

ABCs Festival Programme (10-11 July) — See inside for the full festival programme of panels, workshops & evening entertainment!

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