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Stir to Action

Nov 14, 2019

Book a pre-Christmas workshop on the New Economy Programme

Join our programme of 35 workshops across five cities - Newcastle, Bradford, Plymouth, Bristol, and London.

All workshops are priced on a sliding scale for affordability.

Any questions, let us know on

Plymouth, 23 November

The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time: new creative tools for change that can resource you and your projects, groups, communities, and organisations.

Newcastle, 7 December

While the UK’s local authorities are still managing an austerity programme that has led to devastating social spending cuts, and others are trying to attract inward investment into their regions, this workshop will look at the alternatives.

Bristol, 7 December

This workshop will be a practical journey through the stages of setting up a worker co-op, exploring the different options and decisions you’ll make along the way.