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Farming the Future is partnering with Stir to Action to offer 10 free training places on the 2022 New Economy Programme.

Farming the Future aspires to facilitate the power of the collective to build a system of regenerative food production and land use that furthers social and environmental justice. A key aim for Farming the Future is to raise the standard of equity in the food and farming movement. Therefore, we will be prioritising applications from those who identify as a member of a group who experiences marginalisation on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, ability, age, class or income, or any other basis.

Participants must be currently working, training or volunteering in the sphere of agroecological / regenerative / organic / sustainable food and farming.

Explore the programme above, choose a workshop, and apply for a place here.
Preston City Council is sponsoring 20 free training places for Preston City Council residents on this autumn’s New Economy Programme’s Community Ownership and Democratic Business webinars.

In its new strategy Community Wealth Building 2.0 Leading Resilience and Recovery in Preston the Council commits its support for a more diverse, inclusive and economically democratic business community in Preston. Experience demonstrates that opportunities to develop initial ideas for a community business or a worker owned enterprise are key to the process of cooperative development. That is why Preston City Council is offering this opportunity for you as a Preston resident to apply for a sponsored place on one of the New Economy Programme webinars.

To apply click the form here to confirm you live in Preston and to provide brief details of your initial business idea and your interest in cooperative enterprise.
Power to Change is partnering with Stir to Action to offer 80 free training places on the 2021/2022 New Economy Programme, a learning and action platform to support community business.

Power to Change aspires to diversify our reach, particularly with people from communities experiencing inequity. As such, we would like to offer free training places to the following people:

– Minoritised ethnic communities
– Young people aged 18 - 35 years old
– People living in an area of deprivation (find out more here)

Explore the programme and apply for a place here.
The New Economy Programme is Stir to Action’s democratic learning and action platform, both a national and online training programme, offering a wide range of courses on engagement and participation, social communications, media and journalism, democratic business, placemaking, creativity, and autonomy at work.

Spaces limited to 25 places on each webinar – register your place now!

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Delivered via Zoom video conferencing software. Limited Capacity – Book your space and receive sign-up details.

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